Planned litter

Ikea x Hash

Puppies will have ensured 24/7 care.
They will grow up in the pack of small as well as big dogs: shelties, border collies, terrier
::: Accommodation of puppies
 Location of the puppy fence with the puppies during first weeks:
Inside of the house - in the center of common home activities, non-stop under the surveillance
Location of the puppy playground (approx. from 3-4 weeks):
Inside of the house - separate room
On the garden - behind the fence or free under the surveillance
Another places:
Our agility ground with sand
The dog gym with an artificial grass
::: Feed and health
Bitch's feed: Orijen Regional Red, fruit, vegetable
Puppy feed in the older age: Orijen Puppy, fruit, vegetable
At the beginning common feeding; later change over to feeding from separate bowls - possibility to control feeding amounts
Creating regular feeding routine
Regular control of the puppy's weight
Vet checks
Deworming and basic vaccination are certain
::: Documents
Puppies will be chipped and with issued petpass
FCI Pedigree
::: Activities
Puppies will became familiar with crate and cage during the travels on the trainings; accustoming to car rides
Socialization: We expect a lot for cuddle visits
Beginnings of a potty training
Familiarity with a clicker
Stimulation of all senses with specific exercises, games and tools
Fun and games on the balance tools during common as well as individual staying in our special dog room - the gym
::: Photos and videos
I will try to publish photos and videos from amazing life of our puppies very often. I will try to catch all activities, tools, happenings and people that will puppies meet

Possible Coats

Black & White 65%
Red / Chocolate & White 22%
Blue & White 11%
Lilac & White 4%
Rough (long) coat 25%
Smooth (short) coat 75% 

18th Feb 2018 - Today we have 29th day, we are getting to the second half time of the game :)
Ikejka's belly inconspicuously began to grow and her agility condition began to change to show condition :) 
She has always been a pet, but now she is constantly stuck to us, always requiring attention and scratching. 
And, somehow, she started to eat a lot :) We increased her food portions slightly. (Orijen Regional Red) 
We limited her agility training - no jumps. She is running only on dog walk - RC ... and of course, the puppies are running too :D

We have to regulate her in agility, because she's a bit of a crazy dog and she gives 200% to everything 
But interestingly, she have started to be more careful about her self and when our other dogs started to pulling/playing with toys and do other more crazy games, I noticed that she started to stay beck a little, and started to be more careful about herself :) 
She will be super caring mother ♥

13th February 2018
Good news!

In this moment we don't know how many, but we know, that puppies are there :)

Mating: 20. + 21. + 22. Jan 2018

Ikea was ready to mate within a few seconds during each of the three mating sessions. There were no signs of aggression against the dog. She was happy and interested in the dog and in the mating.
Hash was technically very capable. He new exactly what to do ;) He managed to mate even long-legged Ikea ;)
Knotting length was always 15 mins.
I believe that we caught the best days to mate. 

When Ikea and Hash first met. 24.9.2017

(We met - how else - on agility competition.)

Why I chose Hash ? 

It was coincidence mixed with recommendation. Recommendation came back in sprink 2015 - before world championship in Bologne. Friend of mine wanted to force me a groom for Ikejka :) That he is so sympathetic and that they would be a perfect match :)
Back then, I haven't even thought about puppies, so I declined this thought with words: Ikejka will have puppies after she will become a Champion :)

Hmm and somehow... it became true :)

Soooo... on FB i noticed "some" black and white smooth dog, I sae some of his videos, saw him from a distance on a competition, so I partially knew him from a distance - how he behave and I started to like him. At that moment i didn't reallized that that recommended dog and this one are the same dog :))))


All this was doing of Mrs. Coincidence <3

This wasnt all... back in 2016 I found planned litter after Hash, when I was looking for a new puppy. So I started to tracking these puppies and at first, I wanted to take one of them. But fate wanted it differently and I have Sofia - perfect mix between Ikea and Fiona :) I wouldn't change her for anything in the world :)

Puppies after Hash came out perfectly. 

I have waited for results of X-rays.... and it was decided :)
When I first met Hash in person, I was really satisfied with my choice. Hash is boy version of Ikea. And that they are look alikes, You can see on picture .... right front legs :)

Friendly dogs who love agility.... I wonder how puppies would be? Best in the world of course!

Shadow of Aire Iris Ikea

Border Collie, category LARGE GRADE 3
Birthdate: 22.01.2013
Sylvian of Nagata House JP x Blair'Witch Joy Ovcarska

More about Ikea

CEA: normal
MDR1: normal
IGS: carrier

TNS: normal
NCL: normal
MH: normal

HD 0/0 - A
ED 0/0 - 0
OCD free
lux.patelae free

Why Not Hash My Queen
Border Collie, category LARGE GRADE 3
Birthdate: 17.01.2014
Eiri Greme Moss  x  Sienna Alchera

CEA: normal
IGS: normal

TNS: normal
NCL: normal

HD 0/0 - A 
ED 0/0 - 0
OCD free