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World Championship 2019
Second place in agility individual. Smooth and fast course from Sari. Video is available here

European Open 2019

Meryl was great again. Despite of very hot weather, she was fast and focused. She help our teammate in team competition with 2 clean qualification runs and also with clean run in the final.
Meryl placed 2nd in jumping individual from 200 dogs and 4th in the final run.


We are preparing new big agility event, follow the web page:

FCI Agility World Championship 2018

Meryl was fantastic with 4 clean runs. In individual runs, 2nd place in jumping and 3rd place in agility. She is 2nd world vice champion 2018 in small.


FCI Agility World Championship
Fiona take 4th place in Jumping large individual.
Only 0.02 seconds to 3rd place.

Ikea was also great, she had clean run, but because of my mistake we lost a little bit time and she take 16th place.

Slovak Championship in agility 2017

Fiona won Slovak Championship 2017

Ikea and Meryl were also great, both won agility individual (small and large), unfortunately Meryl hit one bar in jumping and Ikea had elimination in jumping large. Meryl had always best time in small category.


EO 2017 first start with Meryl

It was her first start on big international competition and she did great job. We take 6th place in individual qualification from 199 dogs and she qualified to the final run. Course was from Tomas Glabazna and it was big chalenge, special for the young dogs. 

EO 2016 team competition

Slovakia bears - after third place in final last year in France we will be together again like the team in large category: Fiona, Ikea, Gerda and Ziggy 


Last round for European Open 2017 selection

Last round for European Open 2017 was successful for all our 3 dogs and Fiona, Ikea and Meryl will be in Slovak national team. We are looking forward to Italy. In addition Ikea was winner in large category and Fiona take the second place ;) 

Border Collie Classic 2018

Vakonic agility family with friend are organizer of great international event Border Collie Classic 2018. More information you can find at official web page: