Shadow of Aire Iris Ikea

Border Collie, category LARGE GRADE 3
Birthdate: 22.01.2013
Sylvian of Nagata House JP x Blair'Witch Joy Ovcarska

CEA: normal
MDR1: normal
IGS: carrier

TNS: normal
NCL: normal
MH: normal

HD 0/0 - A
ED 0/0 - 0
OCD free
lux.patelae free

Our biggest achievements are

3rd place in open jumping BCC

5th place in open agility of teams in EO 2015

1th place on AWC 2015 - Jumping individual

Vice-Champion AWC FCI 2015

Winner of Czech Championship of Border collies 2016

3rd place in Open Agility EO 2016

A3 Champion

Our friends and Ikea :)
::: Sooo, what would we say about Ikejka?

So really without exaggeration :)
She is nice and friendly (I can say that, she is the most favorite Kristinka's dog :)), very intelligent and incredibly enthusiastic about agility, very active, quick learner, with lots of energy, requiring a lot of movement, nonconflict ♥
Simply put - really amazing dog ♥
/Ivana Fabryova & daughter Kristina/
::: Ikeicka ♥ the most incredible doggie. Her only way is perfection.
I wish her all the best in her new mommy role :-*
/Mirka Englmanova/