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Martina and Pavol Vakonič

We started with agility in 2003. Soon we established agility club Skiper Bratislava. 


Our first agility dog was bitch of German Pinscher Fidorka. Later we got two bitches of Smooth Fox Terrier - Vivien (14 yrs.) and Ellien (12 yrs.). Vivien was part of Slovak representation in 2006. Together with Vivien we attended our first World Championship FCI in Switzerland. Both Fox Terriers have participated on number of the EO Junior competitions with the youth from our club. Despite of the age, Elien is still actively competing with our young club members.  

We have trained a lot of dogs of all sizes since establishment of our club. Dog handlers have been in different age categories too. Thus we are adjusting trainings according to abilities and possibilities of every participant on training. We are trying to find optimal training solution for every individual team. 

We have been competing with different breeds ourselves. As an example can be 11th place on World Championship with Papillon in individual small category in 2009.

We did training of potential trainers and national judges in the past. We led Slovak representation few times. We have performed various positions in our main Slovak agility organization. 

Our club organizes number of international agility competitions every year. Some of our completions are Slovak agility Championship, European Cup of Border Collies, Terriers and Shelties as well as EO Junior 2016.
We hold regular agility trainings and seminars. We are doing fitness trainings for dogs as well as handlers and basic obedience too.
As we wanted to know agility from every angle we became agility judges. We have judged competitions in many European countries. 

Currently we devote ourselves to our 5 active agility dogs. Our active dogs are Shelties Cira (8yrs.), Diana (6yrs.) a Meryl (11m) in category small and Border collies Fiona (4yrs.) and Ikea (3yrs.). We are doing fitness training with Body - Brain - Balance methodology, running on assembly line and swimming. On the other hand our dogs get regular relax massages. We are working on base of positive motivation without pressure and stress. As we think that this way can be achieved the most. We are participating on many agility competitions at home as well as abroad, where we are achieving ranking positions.

Our biggest achievements are:
Sheltie Cira (small)
2nd place in open agility EO 2010
2nd place in final of EO 2011
Slovak Champion 2012
4th place in open jumping EO 2013
6th place AWC FCI 2012
6th place AWC FCI 2015
A3 Champion
Sheltie Diana (small)
7th place in open jumping EO 2013
6th place in open agility AWC FCI 2012
Slovak Champion 2015
A3 Champion
Border Collie Fiona (large)
Slovak Champion 2015
3rd place in open agility in EO 2015
World Champion AWC FCI 2015
3rd place in Open Jumping EO 2016
Slovak Champion 2017
A3 Champion
Border Collie Ikea (large)
3rd place in open jumping BCC
5th place in open agility of teams in EO 2015
Vice-Champion AWC FCI 2015
Winner of Czech Championship of Border collies 2016
3rd place in Open Agility EO 2016
A3 Champion
Sheltie Meryl (small)
EO 2017 - 6th place in Open Agility from 200 dogs
AWC 2018 - second vice champion
EO 2019 - 2nd place in qualification run from 200 dogs
EO 2019 - 4th place in the final inividual run

Our biggest succes - Agility World Championship 2015, 1. and 2. place in category large individual